The Farrells Legacy

Discovering the Farrells Legacy: A Tradition of Healthy Pet Food

Our story is a tale of tradition, transformation, and dedication to quality. From our humble beginnings in the early 1900s, the legacy of Farrells began with a specific mission: to cater to the dietary needs of racing greyhounds. These swift, graceful animals required meals packed with energy and vital nutrients, a challenge that we embraced with zeal and dedication.

While our commitment to nourishing the athletic lifestyle of greyhounds formed our foundational years, we recognised the need to broaden our horizons. We realised that our experience and knowledge could benefit not just racing greyhounds but all dogs. Thus, began our journey of transformation, expanding our target market to cater to dogs of all breeds, sizes, and lifestyles.

Following a substantial rebranding initiative, we emerged with a renewed purpose and a broader reach. We took our rich heritage and tradition of quality and infused it into our new mission - to provide healthy, sustainable, and affordable meals for all dogs. Our new line of dog biscuits is a testament to this renewed vision. Crafted from whole, natural ingredients, these biscuits avoid unnecessary fillers and artificial additives, embodying our commitment to providing balanced, nutritious meals. Each biscuit not only satiates a dog's appetite but also contributes to their overall health and well-being.

The Farrells journey, from its origins to its evolution, showcases a remarkable transformation. From specialising in meals for racing greyhounds to becoming a trusted name in nutrition for all dogs, our unwavering commitment to quality and health has remained consistent. Today, we stand proud of our heritage and our ability to adapt and grow with the changing times.

The legacy of Farrells serves as a testament to the power of evolution and the importance of staying true to one's core values. We are here for all dogs and their owners, offering healthy, sustainable, and affordable pet food that honours our rich tradition while keeping pace with the ever-evolving world of pet nutrition.