Nutritiously Crafted Greyhound Biscuits

The Perfect Balance: Farrell's Journey from Greyhound Racing to Creating Universal Dog Biscuits

At Farrell's, our commitment to pet nutrition goes back decades, starting with our long-standing involvement with the greyhound racing industry. As a trusted name in greyhound biscuits, we have since evolved, applying our knowledge and passion to create nutritious and sustainable biscuits for all dogs.

Greyhounds, known for their lean bodies and swift speed, require a carefully balanced diet to maintain peak condition. That's where Farrell's expertise came in, crafting biscuits that provided the necessary protein, fats, and carbohydrates these racing athletes required.

Today, the wisdom garnered from our experience with greyhound nutrition lives on in our universal dog biscuits. Though we now serve all breeds, the legacy of our greyhound biscuits remains in the exceptional quality and nutritional balance of our products.

Every Farrell's biscuit is made with locally sourced ingredients, providing not just a tasty treat for your greyhound but also promoting dental health. Farrell's® 4x2 formulation helps break up stubborn tartar build-up on your dog's teeth and beneath the gum line. 

We've been caring for pets and their owners for decades, and our love for our four-legged friends and our commitment to their well-being is reflected in each biscuit we make. While our reach has expanded to serve all dog breeds, our roots in the greyhound community remain, and we honour this history in our ongoing commitment to quality nutrition.

At Farrell's, our mission is to offer quality, affordable pet food that contributes to a healthier, happier life for your pet. Whether you're the proud parent of a greyhound or any other breed, our nutrition-packed biscuits are designed to bring happiness and health to all dogs. From our humble beginnings crafting greyhound biscuits to our present-day offerings, Farrell's remains a trusted name in pet nutrition.